Thursday, March 23, 2006


The first time I masturbated, I didn't know that I was masturbating. That my sound a little bit funny, but it's the truth. We had two bathrooms in our house. My parents had a bathroom just of their bedroom. For a while I remember that I used their shower.

I believe this was 1972. It could have been 1973. I'm not exactly sure.

In the 50's and 60's there was an exercise machine that a lot of people bought. It was a motorized belt vibrating machine. The machine had a platform that you stood on and a belt that you put around your waist that was about four inches wide. You would lean back against the belt and turn the machine on. Basically it was supposed to vibrate the fat away or something. It really sounds kind of corny, and it was. I don't know what theory it was based on and I don't see how it could have possibly worked. I'm thinking that it was just another gimmick, but people bought them.

It was Christmas Eve and my parents had gone out visiting friends or family and I had stayed home alone. When it was time for me to take a shower, I stripped naked in my room and walked through the house into my parents bedroom to use their shower. The machine caught my eye. I decided to get onto the machine naked. I don't know what possessed me to do this. I just did.

So there I was. Naked. Standing on this platform with this vibrating belt around my ass. After a couple of minutes I decided to turn around backwards on the machine so that instead of the belt being across my ass, it was across my crotch. Within a short time my dick was rock hard. The vibration of the belt felt fantastic. It was a feeling that I had never felt before. It really felt good.

The head of my dick was sticking up, just over the top edge of the belt and I felt myself getting warm all over. I actually had two thoughts pop into my head. The first was that it felt so good that I was probably doing something really wrong and the second was that I should probably stop because I might somehow hurt myself. Of course, I didn't stop.

The feeling was becoming more and more intense. Then suddenly my dick squirted this white stuff about two feet in the air. It landed on the floor about two feet in front of me. I was totally shocked. My first thought after seeing the white stuff was "On my God, I've made myself sick or I've really hurt myself".

I did not know that I had just masturbated.

I cleaned up the mess and took a shower. Then I started reading the book, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I got the notion to try on pantyhose from a book. I'm thinking that that in itself shows that I'm easily impressionable.
Sometime around 1971 my parents decided that instead of having the awkward standard birds and bees sexual orientation talk with me, they'd give me the nations revolutionary number one best selling sex manual, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask.
Actually I thought it was pretty cool of them. It saved embarrassment on everybodys part. But, I was just a little bit too young for it at the time. This was probably when I was in the fifth grade. I really didn't read it at the time. We moved after my fifth grade year. I changed school districts and this meant that I was going from an elementary school with kids that I'd been with for five years to a junior high school with kids that I didn't know. I know this was a setback to my sexual beginnings. With moving and sports I just wasn't exposed to sexual things yet.
The first time I ever heard the word masturbation was in the sixth grade. My new best friend at the new school who was a year older than me, said the word. He could tell that I didn't know what he was talking about and just kind of dropped the subject.
Hell, the was an entire chapter titled Masturbation in the book. I hadn't read it. I really hadn't read any of it and I damn sure had never masturbated. How could I? I didn't know it existed.
Shortly after this, I started reading.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I know I'm not the first guy thats ever put on a pair of pantyhose and liked it. The problem is that it's considered a fetish and the problem with fetishes is that they carry a stigma with them. Therefore it's not something that can be openly discussed with friends, family or co-workers.
If you have a fetish, you either keep it to yourself or risk ridicule and tell someone. If you decide to keep it to yourself, you end up feeling alone, isolated and ashamed. If you tell someone you'd better be really careful who you tell and what you say. I learned this the hard way.
The first time I slipped on nylon pantyhose I didn't even know what a fetish was. One thing that I did notice was that I had an immediate erection. The pantyhose felt great on my legs and crotch. The feeling seemed to spread straight to what was no longer my little penis. I liked the feel.
I was around twelve or thirteen years old. That's when it started and with the exception of a few periods of denial, it's still an ongoing thing.


The idea of telling my story via blog on the internet didn't enter my mind until just a few days ago. I don't even know why I'm writing this or how far I'll get.
It's the true story of why, how and when I've worn pantyhose for many years.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the first thousand is here, above. That's me, wearing pantyhose. In case your wondering, I took the picture, but I'll get into that later. I just thought I'd start out with a little show, before I tell.